Oxfordshire Primary Headteachers Association

What is OPHTA all about?

OPHTA supports the provision of quality education for all children in Oxfordshire.

All Oxfordshire primary headteachers are members of the association and are represented by their elected members. Representation to the Executive is chosen at partnership level and the executive meets termly.

All schools receive invoices for membership fees from the Treasurer, the funds raised go towards meeting the expenses incurred by those headteachers who represent OPHTA on the various panels which advise and support CYPF officers in decision and policy making.

OPHTA also helps to organise the annual Oxfordshire Headteachers’ Conference and offers to help fund the cost of supply cover for schools, if the Head teaches for two or more days per week, so that they can attend the conference.

The following is drawn from the constitution:


  • The aim of OPHTA is to support the provision of quality education for all children in Oxfordshire.
  • OPHTA provides a forum of debate for all primary and nursery headteachers throughout the County.
  • OPHTA may extend these discussions to include conversations with, and representations to, other appropriate bodies and agencies.

Functions of OPHTA

  • The function of OPHTA Council meetings its to provide a Forum for individual members to raise their own queries and for the dissemination of information by the Executive, individuals and invited speakers.
  • The function of OPHTA through the Executive is to impart information with the intention of clarification and interpretation of issues raised centrally or locally.
  • OPHTA Executive provides individual members with an opportunity to enable their views to be heard by Senior Management of the funding body, through their Divisional representatives.
  • OPHTA cannot and does not seek to deal with conditions of employment. These are the terms of the professional unions, with whom OPHTA would wish to work in consultation.


The minutes of meetings are circulated to all Heads and items are followed up at the highest level with the Local Authority.